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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

San Pellegrino in Fiore




San Pellegrino in Fiori is an Annual Show which takes place in the the narrow streets of the medieval quarter of Viterbo. Local businesses mainly of a floral nature, although some shop keepers and B and B proprietors do participate, decorate the squares, streets and stairways with floral displays.

It has been noticeable in recent years that the recession has taken its toll and that displays are not as lavish as they used to be, however it is still worth visiting as a lot of work goes into the event.  It is not just a flower display but a chance to purchase plants, local produce and the work of local artists and other artisans.

We visited this year on Sunday afternoon not a particularly pleasant day weather wise but it did not rain while we strolled around the centro storico and despite the dullness I managed to take what I felt were some reasonable photos, certainly enough to find a selection to share with you here.

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We also caught a display of flag throwing which took place in the Piazza del Plebiscito which was rather impressive. It is difficult to convey the skill required in these photographs. I have also included the video I shot,only marching as by the time I remembered the video facility they had finished throwing.  I am still very new to this action filming, as the camera was new not long before our trip to China!





If you are interested in seeing more photos which besides flowers, plants and flag throwing will show you some of the medieval quarter of Viterbo they can be found here. San Pellegrino in Fiore

Clicking on this link below will take you to an article, in Italian and a video of last years fiore.



  1. linda,
    your fotos are scrumptious. Can't imagine how gorgeous it was before austerity kicked in. (can't do video with my slow connection). Also, thanks for the tip on "Tempo di..." just picked one up at the local ProLoco. We may be in Siena that weekend, but not sure if we're leaving Friday or Saturday.Hate to miss Festa della Madonna di Monte.Looks like I have some negotiating to do. a presto.

  2. Dreamy courtyard, awesome flowers and acrobatic flag throwers: winner post!

    Brava, amica mia.

    Ele xx

  3. Fantastic flowers and that town looks really interesting, great photographs.

  4. That first shot of the flags is lovely - I really like the motion blur. I've never seen flag throwing in action, but I assume it's somewhat similar to baton throwing, which is also hugely impressive. Thinking about it, the flags are probably more complex to control, given that they've essentially got enormous sails attached to them!

  5. From another expat impressed beyond words by gli sbandieratori...Brava! Lovely pictures.

  6. They are lovely photos. There must have been a great atmosphere, despite the weather.

  7. I love medieval towns! The floral displays are so pretty... :)

    (I hope your daughter gets to watch the Dragon Boat races. They're quite a spectacle. They're scheduled for Jun 16 this year.)

  8. Fantastic pics! The boys would have LOVED the acrobats/flags!!!

  9. Oh it look so exciting and beautiful. I so admire your zest for life and the fact that you flew the coop! Good for you. I'll have to come back here often so I can live vicariously through you!

    Thanks for swinging by and helping to make my SITS day so spectacular. Your time and words mean the world to me.

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

  10. It looks like a wonderful event; the flowers are glorious.

  11. What beautiful photos! You must have had a wonderful time. Planting season is just starting here - I can't wait!

  12. Oh goodness I did not realise how many comments there were here, thanks so much, they are appreciated.

    Carol - Never mind if you do not make it,there is always another year and there is so much going on for you to see.

    Eleonora - Thanks for the compliment

    Jenny - Hopefully sometime you will have time when you are here to come to Viterbo, it is certainly worth a visit.

    Katja - I think it is popular all over Italy, so sure you will catch a display at sometime.

    Some Birds - Thanks. If I get reading I will have a book to send you soon, I have started it.

    Welshcakes Limoncello - Yes there is always a great atmosphere at these events isn't there.

    Buckeroomama - So different from HK, the medieval towns I mean :) I am sure she will do her best to see them, but I see it is a week day?

    janelle - Have you not had anything similar in your region, the flag throwing that is.

    Ma What's 4 dinner aka Alex - Welcome and thankyou, I hope you do call by again.

    Unknown Mami - it is but so much more so when the sun is shining. Never mind always next year.

    Alissa - We are busy planting as well, veggies in the orto (vegetable garden)and flowers to give colour on the terrace through the summer.

    A presto Linda x

  13. Hi Linda... Fantastic.. what a wonderful place to spend time. Your photos are brilliant :-)

  14. Thanks Anne, Viterbo is a very interesting city to visit. Maybe one day you will get the opportunity do so.


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